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Unity Programmer | Miscellaneum Studios
An interface based, music-creation game about providing for your community.

Hello! I'm Klayton.

I'm a multi-disciplinary game developer with backgrounds in:

Game Design

I graduated from Sheridan College's Bachelor of Game Design in 2020, and continue to practice across many personal projects and game jams. I love 3Cs, systems, and gameplay design!

Tools: Paper prototyping, Figma, Whimsical, Notion


I'm a big fan of answering questions and tackling problems with prototypes. I've also built solid production builds and robust dev tools in support of the teams I've worked with.

Tools: C#, C++, Visual Studio, Git, Perforce, Bitbucket, Unity, Unreal Engine

UI & UX Design

Before I began my game development journey, graphic design was my first passion. As I learned to develop games, I found my previous skills useful in designing charming and elegant user experiences.

Tools: Figma, Whimsical, Invision, Adobe Creative Suite, Inkscape

Where am I right now?

I'm currently on the lookout for new opportunities to grow. Supporting a team or community in creating something special, while testing myself in new creative challenges - these are things I am always striving for.

When I rest, I have many other passions. I enjoy taking care of my cat and two aquariums, exploring typography, and walking through nature. I have a deep love for tabletop games and cooking as well. Catch me participating in game jams and writing up new game design ideas on the regular.

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