Gameplay & Systems Programmer, UI Designer, UX  Designer, Logo Designer

Sheridan College

Unity, Visual Studio, Odin Inspector

Team of 5


Capstone project where we set out to design a hybrid-genre deckbuilding and hack n' slash combat game.

Main takeaways: tools development, virtual card system implementation & design, playability & readability

Cards in Limited Space

Unlike other virtual card games where the cards themselves are central,  Wyrmwood found  its hack n' slash gameplay needing as much space as possible to  grant the player insight into their immediate surroundings.

At the same time, many bits of information related to cardplay(deck/discard sizes, mana, hand piles, etc) needed to be relayed to the player clearly and quickly, to allow them to make snap-decisions in hack n' slash combat.


The team and I put the Card UI(cropped here for easier viewing) through a number of iterations to strike a balance between visual clarity and size.

Iteration   8

Earliest Iteration

Iteration  3

Iteration  6