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UI / UX Designer - Gameplay & UI Programmer
Sheridan College
Team of 3

A school project, the goal was to make 30 levels for a
physics-based mechanic - gravity flipping, all in 2 weeks.

Takeaways: Particles, Character Controllers, Scene/Level Management

Color Flip

In order to have a strong indication of gravity change, the base color of the level changes.

Individual levels are able to be set in whatever 2 colors the designer desires using a level editing tool, for the sake of having memorable and unique color schemes.

Level Select Device

We designed a unique and evocative level select UI in Newton. The Device makes use of Unity 2019's new (at the time!) Particle Forcefields to create a 'singularity' effect, keying the player in to the focus of the game- gravity.    


The  'zoom' effect done  to transition the player into gameplay implies the happenings of the game all occurring at a miniscule scale.

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