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UI Designer, Puzzle Designer,  Programmer

Sheridan College

Team of  4  

Unity,  Visual Studio, Cinemachine

The goal of this project was to design a  compelling FMV game where players piece together a narrative using  clues from full-motion video.

Video Log Viewer

By collecting floppy disks, the player can watch unlocked video logs.   Script of the log is available for the deaf, or for quick parsing.

Context Puzzles

We designed puzzles  that required contextual awareness to solve, such as a screen locked by  password.

Object Inspection

Objects near the player are  highlighted when hovered over and near the player character. When clicked, they can be inspected, revealing clues to other puzzles.

Final Report

The end of the game is reached when the player writes a report of their findings, which can be done at any time. The game searches the report for key words in order to decide an ending. Does the player fill out a bogus report for a quick buck? Thoroughly  search the room and find a real conclusion?  

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