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As the End Drew Near

PC | Unity | 5 month duration | Virtual Reality | Volumetric Video

Project Details

Title: Game Developer, Research Assistant    My roles: Game Design, Prototyping, Programming

Our team was tasked with prototyping an experiential game using the Oculus Rift and Scatter's Depthkit technology in order to create a FMV-style game using recordings of a LARPing experience. We were tasked to do this as part of a research-creation project studying the potential for volumetric video in games.


Game Loop Ideation

Early, unfiltered brainstorming allowed us to start the design process with loads of ideas to cut through. Each team member laid out their idea of what the core game loop was after we briefed on the client's design goals. Opening up these internal assumptions for each team member to view opened up many possibilities for the team.

After said game loops were created, we reviewed each game loop individually. We asked and answered as many questions about each loop as we could, until our questions could only be solved through prototypes.

Sketch Prototypes

Low-quality, high-quantity sketch prototypes helped us explore design solutions, as well as the technical possibilities of Depthkit in VR.

Higher quality prototypes quickly followed as we found success in our sketch solutions.


Close to the end of our work term, we documented the entire design and technical setup so that future designers and developers could continue to work on the project beyond our work term.