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Here Comes The Airplane

We designed and programmed a VR experience using the prompt, "What does Home mean to you?" After some deliberation, we settled on the experience of being forcefed by your wonderful parents. Love you, mom and dad!

Picky Eater

In this game, the player is a young child, using their imagination to fly through the sky, avoiding the food their mother tries to feed them. Vegetables hurt the player, while junk food heals them.

The game runs endlessly, without a winstate as we wanted to emulate how in this scenario, the baby never "wins" by getting to avoid their vegetables!

VR Challenges

Motion Sickness

We were able to minimize motion sickness by having using a 3d "nose" and food tray as stationary objects to ground the player. We also used as much flat, undetailed textures as possible and added vignettes to lower FOV.

Movement Awareness

The player controls the plane by looking in the direction they want to fly in, but in early tests, we found that players were unable to notice this was happening. To make the player aware, we added floating cloud particles that flew by for the player to have a point of reference for their direction.

Level Directionality

The level opens facing the mother, and her placement in the level allows the player to understand the level's direction. Looking behind you shows a dog eating all the food you dodge!

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